Isle of Hope Baptist Church
Isle of Hope Baptist Church

Our Purpose

To bring people to Jesus Christ and membership in His family, develop believers to Christlike maturity, and equip them for their ministry in the church and their mission in the world, in order to worship God and magnify His name.

Our Treasure

Matthew 6:19-21


            The way we regard our treasure is a personal disclosure of who we are.  The issue is:  Where is our heart?

            No matter how we acquire our belongings – by working, investing, saving, or receiving gifts – the correct perspective about money and property is that the Lord owns it all.  We are simply the managers.  If we harbor wrong attitudes like insisting, “My treasure is mine,” we may actually find that what we own is much less satisfying than we expected it would be.

            Here’s a better perspective on possessions and financial increase:  See these things as a means of meeting the needs of others and a way to serve God and further His kingdom (Eph. 4:28, Mal. 3:10).  When we give to the needy or to kingdom work, we are immediately transferring our treasure from earth to heaven.

            The Lord’s tangible blessings can also be properly used to help us reach God-given goals that are set through prayer.  For example, if the Lord has blessed you financially and has made it clear that He wants you to use your musical talent to serve Him, then it could be suitable to purchase a helpful instrument or accessory.  When we are walking in God’s will and bringing our requests to Him, even the longings of our heart become good ways to spend our treasure, because our preferences are aligned with God’s desires for us.

            Always consider the eternal value of your pursuits.  The bottom line is that you should trust God with every ounce of your time, talent, and treasure.  (Taken from an inspirational publication.)













Sunday's Sermon: Dealing with God's Word


"In preparing for eternity, it is more important to be ready than to get ready" 















Verse of the Week  

Matthew 6:19-21  NIV

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  21 For where your treasure is, there your                 heart will be also.



Sunday Services

Sunday School: 9:20 am.

Morning Worship: 10:30 am.

*Happy Club during the beginning of Worship, followed by Children's Church

*Nursery is available during all services

Wednesday Services


October 25 - lasagna

Adults: $5.00 


Call for reservations: 912-355-9815 or email us at


   Prayer Meeting/Bible Study:

 6:45 pm following the Family Meal


 Choir Practice: 7:30 pm

 Church Conference (4th  Wednesday of every month)

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